Iran Protest Against Increase in Oil Prices, 9 People Killed

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

17th Nov, 2019. 07:30 pm
oil prices increases in Iran

During the ongoing protests in the country following the rise in fuel prices in Iran, the headquarters of the Basij Force, under the supervision of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, set fire.

Nine people have been killed because of police use of force during violent protests against a surge in petrol prices following the death of a protester in Sarajean, a foreign news agency reported.

Authorities have confirmed the death in Charamad city of Al-Farah, while 13 people were injured in attacks by protesters in the city.

Iranian protesters have not only set off the base of the Basij Malaysia but have also posted footage on social media.

According to reports received, there were demonstrations in 53 cities across the country each week. Many of these demonstrations resulted in direct clashes between the police and the protesters.

On Friday, the demonstrations began with clashes between protesters and security forces in at least three cities in Mashhad, Ahazaw, and Sirjan. Several protesters were killed and injured in police action.

An interior ministry official in Sirjan told government television that a shootout had taken place between police and protesters, injuring several people.

He further said many protesters were peaceful, but some gunmen and masked men with knives joined the protest. Mahmud Abadi said the masked men had mobilized spectators to reach the oil depot and create a crisis in the country.

According to the media reports, demonstrations in the oil-rich province of Ahwaz and in the southern city of Kerman, southern province, were extremely intense.

It should be noted that earlier in 2017, there were economic protests in Iran that killed 25 people, while over 5,000 protesters were arrested. Meanwhile, anti-government protests are taking place in Iraq and in Lebanon.

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