Mum-to-be firefighter helps fight Australian bushfires, goes viral online

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

13th Nov, 2019. 04:56 pm
Mum-to-be firefighter helps fight Australian bushfires

A pregnant and fierce firefighter Kat Robinson-Williams has been inundated with supportive messages after her post defending her work fighting fires on Instagram went viral.

The firefighter, who has featured pictures and video of her on location battling rural NSW fires on Instagram, spoke defiantly about challenging gender assumptions that she shouldn’t work as a pregnant woman.

She is 13 weeks pregnant and on the ground fighting the fires currently devastating the east coast of Australia.

Kat shared a series of incredible photos of herself getting ready to head into the blaze.

She said that she didn’t care if people disagreed with her choice to fight the fires while being pregnant – and would make the same choice until she was physically unable to go.

“This is my state in flames,” she said.

“For all the females on the ground in NSW right now. We stand together we stand proud!! Yes I am a Firefighter.”

Robinson-William’s comments were met with applause online, with women thanking her for her service.

The majority of firefighters in Australia are men, with authorities reportedly brainstorming how to break down barriers for women and diverse candidates joining the force to broaden the capacity of the organization.

She also shared a picture of her 13-week old’s ultrasound, dubbing the baby a ‘little firefighter in the making”.

She wrote, “13 weeks pregnant and still going strong. Still going to fires. Little firefighter in the making!! First fire for Bub is tomorrow mornings strike team to mid coast. Safe to say ‘fighting fires before you were born.”

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