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Another ‘crucial test’ conducted by North Korea

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

15th Dec, 2019. 07:55 am
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North Korea has successfully led a new test at a satellite launch site to encourage its nuclear deterrent.

According to the state media, the test was conducted at Sohae Satellite launching ground on Friday.

Negotiations between the US and North Korea regarding nuclear programs remain hindered.

US President Donald Trump does not want to lift biting sanctions until North Korea leave its nuclear program.

Given that this is the second test North Korea had carried out at the Sohae site in a few days.

North Korea has started arranging weapons tests in recent days. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has been demanding new concessions from the US before the next year.

Further details about the test were not currently given by the sources. According to international news sources, it could be a ground test to check ballistic missile engine or satellite launcher.

It happened after Pyongyang seemed to close the doors for negotiations with the US.

Pyongyang has warned to choose a “new way” if that does not happen, warning that the US can imagine a worrying “Christmas gift” if it does not fulfill.

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