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Indian police banned protests against Citizenship Amendment Bill

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

19th Dec, 2019. 12:00 pm
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Indian police have imposed a ban on protest against Citizen Amendment Bill in various cities of India.

According to details, Indian police have imposed a ban on protests in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka state, including Bangalore city.

The police chief of Uttar Pradesh has ordered people to stay away from protests.

Police have also forbidden more than four people in a group from meeting at any place.

The ban has been announced to stop violence, according to police.

Furthermore, people are also denied to arrange marches or rallies in other areas such as Chennai by police.

Note that protests were arranged in various parts of India against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB).

The situation in India became worse due to clashes between the police and the protesters.

Critics have claimed that the purpose of passing this bill was to marginalize Muslims in India

Whereas the federal government says that it will secure people from persecution.

However, several civil society groups, political parties, students, activists, and local citizens have expressed on social media that they will keep organizing protests in areas such as Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Apart from that, police have also set up barricades on the major highway which connects Delhi and Jaipur.

Police check all the vehicles heading towards Delhi. This has resulted in big congestion and many travelers have missed their flights.

Moreover, numerous metro stations closed in the capital-Delhi.

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