China asks US to stop “unreasonable suppression” of Chinese companies

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

17th May, 2020. 10:13 am
China asks US to stop "unreasonable suppression" of Chinese companies

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the US must stop the “unreasonable suppression” of Chinese companies such as Huawei. A Chinese newspaper also reported that the government is ready for retaliation against the US.

The US government on Friday decided to block global chip supplies to blacklisted telecoms Company Huawei.
According to the international news agency, the Chinese foreign ministry stated that China will defend the legal rights of the companies.

Chinese newspaper Global Times revealed a source close to the Chinese government as saying that China is ready to retaliate by taking measures against the US. For instance, China can put US companies on an “unreliable entity list” and can enforce restrictions on US firms.

The newspaper also stated that the source also mentioned disrupting the purchase of Boeing Co aeroplanes. Global times reported that the source said, “China will take forceful countermeasures to protect its own legitimate rights” if the US moves forward with the plan to change rules and bar essential suppliers of chips, including Taiwan-based TSMC, from selling chips to Huawei.

Mark Esper says China is a rising threat to world order

The US defense secretary Mark Esper cast China as an emerging threat to world order evoking a strong answer from Beijing which blamed Washington of being involved in “smear campaign”

Esper, while addressing the public at the Munich Security Conference 2020, condemned China that he said beat the Pentagon’s list of potential adversaries, then Russia and “rogue states” such as North Korea and Iran.

Mark Esper said, “They have said that by 2035, the PRC intends to complete its military modernisation, and, by 2049, it seeks to dominate Asia as the pre-eminent global military power,”

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