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North Korea explains why it attacked South’s Liaison office

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

17th Jun, 2020. 10:36 am
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North Korea explains why it attacked South's Liaison office

North Korea attacked South Korean liaison office in a border town on Tuesday. The country has explained the reason. 

A state media article blamed South Korea for violating 2018 agreements and behaving like a “mongrel dog”.

President Kim Jong-un’s sister blamed the South Korean president for “putting his neck into the noose of pro-US flunkeyism”.

North Korea also warned to send an army to the demilitarized zone. 

South Korea has condemned North Korea’s actions as devastating and senseless. 

North Korean state media blamed the other side of “systemically breaching and destroying” recent 2018 deals, including the Panmunjom Declaration.

The article said the South’s defense ministry is like a “feared mongrel dog” that was “bragging and bluffing, rattling the dialogue partner and stoking [a] confrontational atmosphere”.

The article also mentioned a warning that Tuesday’s attack to the Liaison office could be “a prelude to the total catastrophe of the North-South relations”.

North Korea’s army said it would move the soldiers to two symbols of past Korean co-operation; the closed industrial complex in Kaesong and the Mount Kumgang tourist zone on the east coast.

Kim Yo-Jong blamed South’s President Moon Jae-in.

“The reason the north-south agreements which were so wonderful did not see…even a single step of implementation was due to the noose of the pro-US flunkeyism into which he put his neck.

“Even before the ink on the north-south agreement got dry, he accepted the ‘South Korea-US working group’ under the coercion of his master.”

On the other hand, the South’s presidential office said that North’s conduct was senseless. 

“It is our basic stance that the 19 September military agreement should be complied with without fail to establish peace on the Korean Peninsula and to prevent accidental clashes,” the South’s defense ministry said.

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