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Sun will appear right above the Holy Kaaba today, say researchers

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

15th Jul, 2020. 12:09 pm
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Sun will appear right above the Holy Kaaba today, say researchers

Sun will be right above the Holy Kaaba for the second time this year and the last in 2020. The event had happened the first time on 27th May 2020.

According to the researchers from the National Space and Aeronautics and Sciences Institute (Lapan) Science Center, Andi Pangerang, the sun appears above the Holy Kaaba twice a year the axis of rotation of the Earth is tilted 66.6 degrees with respect to Earth’s orbit.

According to the news source, This results in a pseudo-annual movement that varies between 23.4 degrees North Latitude on 21 June to 23.4 degrees South Latitude on 21 December.

Amateur astronomer Marufin Sudibyo explained the phenomenon that the sun in this position is precisely located across the latitude of the Kaaba, which is 21 degrees 25 minutes LU in its annual pseudo motion. The sun is passing

Ka’bah meridian at the coordinate point 39 degrees 50 minutes east at the same time.

Marufin said, “So that the sun will be right at the point of the Kaaba zenith,”

To note, in the celestial coordinate system, known zenith points or points with a height of 90 degrees from all directions.

The emitted rays will create an object standing upright lose its shadow when the moon and sun are exactly at this point. The annual pseudo-motion of the sun occurs between latitudes of 23.5 N to 23.6 S. Meanwhile, the Kaaba is at a latitude of 21 degrees to 25 degrees LU.

Marufin said, if we stood in Makkah City at that time, then the shadows of perpendicular bodies of water would on average disappear at that hour.

“On the contrary, the same thing in other parts of the Earth’s sun-lit face, at the same time, will form a shadow which coincides with the direction of the Qiblah local,” he explained.

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