Coronavirus: India reports two million confirmed cases

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

07th Aug, 2020. 12:03 pm
Coronavirus: India reports two million confirmed cases

Coronavirus cases have increased to two million in India, according to officials.

India has reported a great increase in Covid-19 cases in just 20 days, faster than the US and Brazil.

According to details, the country is currently dealing with 2,030,001 out of which 41,673 have lost the battle against the virus whereas 1,378,642 patients have recovered. The country has reported +4,592 new cases with 35 new deaths. The number of active cases is 609,686 in India.

Globally, there are 19,264,616 confirmed cases out of which 717,754 people have died whereas 12,363,793 have recovered. The number of active cases are 6,183,069. The US has the highest number of cases, followed by Brazil and India.

The situation varies in different states; some states have enforced restrictions whereas some states proceed to reopen.

Local, intermittent lockdowns have been imposed in some states. Activities have been limited in certain cities or districts.

The Indian government has been blamed for undercounting coronavirus deaths due to several reasons such as lags in reporting to rules on how India determines if a death was caused by the virus.

India has been “unlocking” its economy since early June after lockdown that prevailed for around two months. Gyms and fitness centers have been allowed to reopen. 

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