Afghanistan resumes Taliban prisoner release ahead of peace talks

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Sep, 2020. 12:05 pm
'Historic' peace negotiations with Taliban begin

Afghanistan has resumed the release of Taliban prisoners in wake of peace deal.

A Taliban reported to the international news agency, Afghanistan has released 200 prisoners since Monday. On the contrary, the Taliban set free four Afghan commandos.

Peace negotiations between Afghanistan and the Taliban are likely to begin in Qatar within days of the full release.

An Afghan official said that “dozens” of prisoners had been released on Monday, the remaining prisoners are due to follow suit “within a couple of days”.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has appreciated the decision of the prisoner release. He explained the move as a “positive step towards peace in Afghanistan”.

Earlier. the Loya Jirga had finally passed the resolution after three days as thousands of renowned Afghan people have supported the release of the remaining 400 Taliban prisoners.

The remaining 400 Taliban prisoners, including many who were involved in attacks, are likely to be released amid the Loya Jirga. The resolution supporting the release of the prisoners could potentially lead to peaceful negotiations between the Taliban, representatives of the Afghan government, and other stakeholders in Afghan society.

As per the peace process, the Afghan government had pledged to set free 1,500 Taliban prisoners.

The International news source stated that as per the deal, the Taliban should release 1,000 prisoners.

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