Syria: Israeli Airstrikes Kill 10, Including Soldiers

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th Nov, 2020. 11:01 pm
Syria: Israeli Airstrikes Kill 10, Including Soldiers

Israel bombed various areas of Syria, killing 10 people, including 3 soldiers.

According to a report by news agency Reuters, Israel has claimed to have targeted Syrian and Iranian targets and has indicated that despite the defeat of US President Donald Trump in the election, Israel will continue its operations beyond its borders.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 10 people had been killed in the bombing, while the Syrian state news agency reported that three soldiers had been killed and one wounded.

The human rights group said five of the dead belonged to Iran’s Al-Quds Force and two were Lebanese or Iraqi, while a pro-Syrian government commander dismissed the notion of an Iranian or a Lebanese among the dead.

Israel has been bombing various parts of Syria in recent years, claiming that Iranian fighters are present in those areas, and this year such operations have been used by Western intelligence officials to reduce Iranian influence. Was declared a limited scale war.

According to the report, Israel’s latest attack on Syria was more severe than in the past and the Israeli army is reporting more casualties and its purpose is to clarify the Iranian intervention in Syria.

US President Donald Trump, who lost the November 3 election, has been a staunch supporter of Israeli action against Iranian forces in Syria, while President-elect Joe Biden has called for a resumption of the nuclear deal with Iran. Will, which was abolished by Trump.

“Biden will have to ask himself what Iran is doing in Syria,” Israeli intelligence minister Eli Cohen told Army Radio after the attack.

Israel says Syrians planted explosives at an Israeli military base in the Golan Heights with Iranian help and is now responding.

Israeli military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said eight targets in Syria had been targeted by the Syrian army or Al-Quds Force, and that the attacks were carried out in the Syrian-occupied Golan Heights.

He said it also includes the Iranian headquarters at Damascus International Airport, a secret military base where Iranian military delegations are hosted and the 7th Division of Syrian forces.

He said the Syrian air force was also targeted for attacking Israeli planes and missiles.

The former Syrian army commander said the attacks also targeted Iranian-backed Lebanese fighters from Hezbollah who are in Syria, while an Israeli army spokesman did not name Hezbollah.

On the other hand, the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not formally acknowledge the presence of Iranian forces in Syria, but it did acknowledge sending Iranian military advisers to Syria.

Western intelligence officials believe that Israeli attacks this year have severely damaged Iranian military power in Syria.

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