‘A beautiful Sight’ Chinese’s Satire On Capitol Riots

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Jan, 2021. 07:30 pm
'A beautiful Sight' Chinese's Satire On Capitol Riots

The Chinese have begun mocking “American democracy” over the Capitol Hill riots, which has been compared to anti-government protests in Hong Kong in 1919.

Scenes of US President Donald Trump’s supporters ‘attack’ on Capitol Hill have been circulating on the Internet in China. On Thursday morning, China’s official newspaper Global Times published two pictures with a tweet. One photo shows protesters occupying the premises of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council in July 2012, while another shows an incident on Washington’s Capitol Hill on Wednesday, in which Trump’s staunch supporters can be seen. Has stormed Capitol Hill, clashed with security personnel, pelted the building with stones and taken selfies.

The Global Times tweeted sarcastically that Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the Hong Kong riots “a beautiful sight”. However, pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong were largely peaceful in 1919. It remains to be seen whether she expresses similar views about the recent events on Capitol Hill.

The youth wing of China’s ruling Communist Party also called the Capitol Hill violence a “beautiful scene” in a tweet. The hashtag “Trump supporters raid US capital” trends on social media platform Weibo on Thursday, seen by nearly 230 million people, garnering global support for Hong Kong protesters and attacks by Trump supporters. Condemnation is a double standard.

One user wrote on Weibo, “Leaders of all European countries are currently showing double standards and condemning this (Washington riots).” His comment received more than 5,000 likes.

Another user wrote, “I don’t know how Hong Kong or Taiwanese media will report double standards now. What happened last year at the Hong Kong Legislative Council is being replicated in the US Capitol. ”

According to analysts, although the methods of attack on the two legislative councils are almost identical, there is a significant difference in the objectives of the two. Protesters in Hong Kong stormed the Legislative Council building, demanding full democracy and blocking a controversial law while storming Capitol Hill in the United States to cancel the results of a free and fair presidential election.


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