China Imposes Sanctions On 28 US Officials, Including Pompeo

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

21st Jan, 2021. 10:40 pm
China Imposes Sanctions On 28 US Officials, Including Pompeo

China has announced sanctions against 28 US officials, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. A U.S. national security spokesman called Beijing’s decision absurd and reprehensible.

According to a statement issued by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, China on Wednesday announced sanctions against 28 officials associated with former US President Donald Trump, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The statement said Beijing had imposed sanctions on US officials for “interfering in China’s internal affairs, harming China’s interests, insulting the Chinese people and severely damaging Sino-US relations.” ۔

Pomipo had earlier called China’s actions against Uighurs and Muslim minorities in northwestern China’s Xinjiang province “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.”

“Pompeo has told a lot of lies in recent years, and this is just another obvious lie,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters.

“American politicians are notorious for lying and deception, and they are making fun of themselves,” he added.

China has consistently denied allegations of human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region, although the United Nations says more than a million Uighurs and other Muslims are being held in concentration camps based on comprehensive evidence.

Twenty-eight US officials and their families will not be allowed to enter Chinese territory and trade with Chinese companies will be banned.

The sanctions include Michael R. Pompeo, Peter K. Navarro, Robert C. O’Brien, David R. Stilwell, Matthew Pottinger, Alex M. Azar II, Keith J. Krach, and Kelly D. K. Craft of the Trump administration as well as John R. Bolton and Stephen K. Bannon.

China hopes for ‘mutual respect’

The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the new Biden administration would work with China in a spirit of mutual respect and resolve their differences amicably.

“We hope that the new US administration will consider Xinjiang and other issues sensibly and with a cool head,” Hua Chunying told reporters.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, a spokesman for US President Joe Biden’s National Security Council called the sanctions imposed by China “absurd and reprehensible.”

Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, Anthony Blankenship, has said he agrees with Pompeo. Biden has signaled a similar stance on China.

Even before the start of Trump’s presidency, the United States imposed sanctions on China for human rights abuses in Hong Kong and Taiwan. During Trump’s presidency, relations between the two countries became more strained.

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