COVID-19: Evidence New Variant More Deadly, Says UK PM

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd Jan, 2021. 08:51 pm
COVID-19: Evidence New Variant More Deadly, Says UK PM

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that the new strain of coronavirus could be more deadly.

In a press briefing with his aides, the British Prime Minister said that more than 49,000 affected people had been admitted to the hospital in 24 hours.

Boris Johnson said the coronavirus killed another 1,401 people, bringing the death toll from the global pandemic to 95,981.

He said the vaccine was equally effective against new and old strains of the virus, adding that 400,000 people had been vaccinated in 24 hours.

The British Prime Minister said that people should ensure the implementation of precautionary measures, those who do not comply with the Coronavirus SOPs will be dealt with critically.

Note that, the global death toll from the coronavirus has exceeded 2.19 million and the number of victims has exceeded 98.8 million.

The death toll from the deadly virus in the United States has risen to 424,177, with more than 2.5 million affected. On January 20, Joe Biden’s coronation test of 200 national bodyguards on duty came positive. Biden, on the other hand, has approved two new resolutions on federal employees, the low-income groups most affected by the epidemic. Under the fast-track financial assistance to poor families and the delivery of food to their children, federal employees will be paid at least $15 an hour.

The pandemic killed 1,096 patients in the last 24 hours in Brazil, 1,440 in Mexico, 220 in Argentina, 399 in Colombia, 153 in Peru and 53 in Bolivia.

The death toll in India so far is 153,221 and 165,000 have already tasted the virus.

The death toll from the pandemic in Russia is 69,000, while the country’s mass vaccination campaign continues in cultural and artistic places such as shopping malls and theatres.

In Italy, a total of 472 deaths in one day brought the total death toll to 84,674 and 13,633 new patients were diagnosed.

There have been a total of 323 deaths in France, while in the last three days, 330 elderly people in old houses have fallen in love with God. The total loss of life in the country is 72,647. Here 23 thousand 292 new cases have been reported in one day.

A total of 400 deaths and 42,885 cases of the virus have been reported in Spain.

The death toll in some other countries is as follows: Germany: 52,020, Ukraine 21,778, Belgium: 20,675, Canada: 18,828, Romania: 17,628, Czech: 15,130, Netherlands: 13,422. , Hungary: 11,811 and Sweden: 11,005.


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