Bangladesh Buys Spying Equipment From Israel: Reports

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

02nd Feb, 2021. 11:41 pm
Bangladesh Buys Spying Equipment From Israel: Reports

It has been revealed that Bangladesh has purchased Israeli-made spy devices that can be used to monitor hundreds of people’s mobile phones at the same time.

According to reports, available documents and statements indicate that the Bangladeshi military bought equipment from Israel using an agent-based in Bangkok and that Bangladeshi military intelligence officers were trained by Israeli intelligence experts in Hungary.

It is pertinent to mention here that Bangladesh does not recognize Israel and there are no diplomatic relations between them.

International news agency Al Jazeera’s secret sources said that the contractor did not say in any way that the people of Bangladesh should know that the products came from Israel because Bangladesh does not have diplomatic relations with Israel and trade with it is prohibited.

Bangladesh has the world’s fourth-largest Muslim population and does not allow its citizens to travel to Israel, citing military occupation of Palestinian territory.

Officially, Bangladesh says it will not recognize Israel until an independent Palestinian state is established.

According to the report, the revelation is part of Al Jazeera’s investigation into the prime minister’s close ties to all-powerful Bangladeshi criminals and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

According to the report, Haris Ahmed, a convicted criminal and brother of Bangladesh Army chief Aziz Ahmed, played a key role in the purchase of military equipment.

The report said that Haris Ahmed is now residing in Bangladesh but was wanted in Bangladesh in connection with a 1996 murder case and had settled in Hungary in 2015 on a fake passport while an Interpol red notice was also issued against him.

Al Jazeera’s report revealed that a day after Haris Ahmed’s brother Aziz Ahmed became the head of Bangladesh’s army, an agreement was signed to acquire the P6 interceptor spy device.

Sources said that Israeli intelligence experts monitored illegal calls in Hungary to demonstrate the usefulness of the equipment to the officers of Bangladesh’s intelligence agency, DGFI.

Elite Bandini of Privacy International said the P6 Intercept is a large-scale surveillance tool capable of tracing 200 to 300 mobile phones simultaneously.

“It works like a cell tower so it connects all the phones in a specific area and it also has the ability to interfere with communication,” he said.

The investigation unit contacted all the people involved except DG FI, Harris and Aziz Ahmed and tried to get their views but no one responded.

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