Dubai: Man steals baby camel to gift his girlfriend

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

24th Feb, 2021. 09:46 pm
Baby camel stolen by a man in Dubai

A man in Dubai has stolen a baby camel to gift his girlfriend as a demand for her birthday’s present.

According to media reports, the young man in Dubai stole a newborn camel from a camel farm to gift it to his girlfriend.

The man’s girlfriend wanted a camel as a birthday gift. The desperate man, who could not afford to buy one, hatched a plan to steal one.

He noticed a farm near his place and found a newborn camel. However, the owner of the farm reported to Dubai Police about the disappearance of a newborn camel.

The police reached the site and searched for the animal but could not trace it.

After some interrogation, a person reported that he found a newborn camel in front of his farmland.

The police reached the site but refused to buy the man’s story that he found the animal, especially since the distance between the farm where the camel was born and his farm was more than 3 kilometres.

The police pointed out that there is a main road that separates the two sites, and it’s impossible for a newborn camel to walk that far.

However, the man then admitted his theft and explained the whole incident to the police.

The camel has been given back to the owners and the police have arrested the suspect along with his girlfriend on charges of theft and making a false statement.

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