Queen Elizabeth’s cousin jailed for sexually assaulting woman

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

23rd Feb, 2021. 08:12 pm
Simon Bowes-Lyon

On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth’s cousin has been sentenced to 10-month prison for sexually assaulting a woman.

Simon Bowes-Lyon, the Earl of Strathmore, confessed that in February 2020, he advanced towards a 26-year-old woman at the royal family’s ancestral castle.

According to a report, the incident occurred at Glamis Castle’s bedroom – Glamis Castle is Queen Elizabeth’s late mother’s childhood home. The report further revealed that the victim still suffers panic attacks from the horrific 20-minute incident.

Bowes-Lyon confessed to the crime and said in his confessional statement that he is “greatly ashamed of my actions which have caused such distress to a guest in my home.”

“I did not think I was capable of behaving the way I did but have had to face up to it and take responsibility,” he said.

Simon Bowes-Lyon Case:

According to the international news agency, Bowes-Lyon, 34, entered the woman’s bedroom while she was sleeping during an event he was hosting at Glamis Castle – the childhood home of the Queen Mother.

He was reportedly drunk. He repeatedly grabbed the victim and insisted that he wanted to have an affair with her. The sexual assault lasted for more than 20 minutes.

It was reported that Simon Bowes-Lyon had tried to take off the victim’s dress and pushed her against a wall.

He also reportedly called the victim a “rude, mean, bad and horrible person” when she rejected. He told her she could not tell him what to do in his own home.

Fiscal depute Lynne Mannion, the victim said: ‘She was asleep and was woken by knocking at the door.’

She said Bowes-Lyon, a great-great-nephew of the Queen Mother, told the woman: ‘It’s Sam. It’s important. Please let me in.

‘She thought something was wrong so she got up. It was pitch black. The second she opened the door he pushed his way in and pushed her onto the bed.

‘He was very drunk and smelled of cigarettes. He told her he wanted to have an affair. He tried to pull her nightdress up.

‘She went into the en suite to get away but the accused followed her, stopped her closing the door, and lit a cigarette. She squeezed past and went back to the bedroom.’

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