Putin Will Have To Pay Price For Interfering In Presidential Election: Biden

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Mar, 2021. 10:29 pm
Putin Will Have To Pay Price For Interfering In Presidential Election: Biden

US President Joe Biden has warned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will have to pay a price for attempting to interfere in the US presidential election.

According to reports, in an interview with the American news channel ABC, Joe Biden said that Russian President Putin will face the consequences of commanding the US presidential election 2020 in favour of Trump.

“You’ll see shortly”,” he said.

Earlier, a US intelligence report said Putin was behind Moscow’s attempts to interfere in the US presidential election, a charge Russia has denied.

“There are areas of mutual interest where we have to work together, including renewing the nuclear deal, and both leaders are aware of the history in this regard,” Biden said in an interview.

“We know them very well. In my experience, the most important thing in dealing with foreign leaders is to have information about the other side,” Biden said.

In September 2020, the US Treasury Department’s Office of External Assets Control (OFAC) banned four people from Russia for allegedly interfering in the US election.

A statement from the State Department said, “The OFAC has banned Andrew Durkech from attempting to interfere in the 2020 US presidential election under Executive Order 13848.”

Explaining the allegations, he said: “Kaspersky has close ties to Russian intelligence agencies and is part of a campaign directed by Russia to influence American voters.”

Russia has been accused of meddling in the 2016 US election, but Russia has denied the allegations.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s comprehensive report on the last presidential election revealed that Russia had intervened in support of Trump, but did not say that Trump’s campaign was run from Moscow.

The US president was later indicted on charges of withholding military aid to Ukraine, which is fighting Russian-backed separatists.

However, under Trump’s Republican influence, the Senate acquitted him on February 16, after which the US president fired the officers who provided evidence against him.

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