Spider “plague” could swarm Sydney, warns Australian Reptile Park

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

24th Mar, 2021. 11:31 pm

After the latest floods in Australia the world’s most poisonous spiders “plague” swarm Sydney.

As per reports, the Australian Reptile Park said that the deadly spiders could seek shelter in homes as they escape the deluge.

Park director Tim Faulkner said in a statement that,

“The upcoming warm weather and high levels of humidity are the perfect storms for a funnel-web spider BOOM in coming days.”

“With the incredible flooding that we’ve experienced across the Greater Sydney area, they have been forced out of their habitat and are seeking refuge in dryer areas,” he added.

The pictures of those deadly spiders escaping from the floodwaters have gone viral on the internet in recent past days, the pictures showed these spiders have eight legs and swarmed up fences and buildings.

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