Switzerland Votes To Ban Face Covering, Burqa In Public Spaces

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

09th Mar, 2021. 10:18 pm
Switzerland Burqa Ban

Switzerland, with a small margin in the plebiscite on Sunday, voted in favour of covering the face and wearing a Burqa worn by Muslim women in public.

According to the details, Switzerland begins to follow France, Belgium and Austria after a less voting margin to ban women from wearing the burqa in public.

Only 51% of voters supported the veil ban, supporters of the ban argue that it also intended to stop violent street protesters.

However, a full face niqab will still be allowed to be worn inside places of prayer.

Additionally, covering of faces will be allowed if worn for health purposes or situations making it obliged to do so.

The statement issued by the authority in this regard said that there will be no additional exceptions for example for tourists.

The proposal to ban face coverings was put forward by several groups but they did not specifically mention Islam but have widely demanded a ‘burqa ban’.

A number of Swiss religious organizations have criticized the move and also condemned the proposal, terming it ‘a no-right to religious freedom’.

Furthermore, an Islamic Swiss group has termed the day “dark” for Muslims.

The Central Council of Muslims said in a statement, “Today’s decision opens old wounds, further expands the principle of legal inequality, and sends a clear signal of exclusion to the Muslim minority.”

The government has also argued against the ban saying that the authority will not decide what women have to wear.

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