Yemen: Saudi-Led Coalition Destroys Houthi Air Defense System

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

13th Mar, 2021. 09:35 pm
Yemen: Saudi-Led Coalition Destroys Houthi Air Defense System

A spokesman for the Saudi-led Arab military coalitionBrigadier General Turki al-Maliki said another Houthi air defence system had been destroyed on the Marib front in Yemen.

The Yemeni military has released a video clip of Houthi drones being destroyed. The incident comes after the liberation of new Hajj sites northwest of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

Earlier, the Yemeni military claimed in another statement that a Houthi explosive-laden drone had been destroyed in the Houthi stronghold of Saada, causing heavy casualties.

The Yemeni military said in a statement that defence installations, with the help of the Saudi-led Arab League, had destroyed an explosive-laden drone in the northeastern district of Saada. Kataf is the largest district of Saada. The Yemeni army is intercepting and destroying Houthi drones before they reach their target.

The Yemeni army and the Murad tribe said in a joint statement that they had foiled an attack by Houthis on Jabal Murad’s military bases.

Meanwhile, the Arab military alliance said in a statement that the anti-missile defence system, which was run by foreign experts, had been destroyed. The Arab League says it is protecting Yemeni civilians and helping the Yemeni army and tribal militants advance in Marb.

In addition, the Arab League for Yemen has sent naval reinforcements to the coast of Al Hudaydah to respond to attacks by Houthi militias. The Arab League has sent additional troops to the Yemeni army on two fronts in Al Hudaydah.

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