Australian PM Criticized As He Threatens jail term, penalty for Aussies returning from COVID-Hit India

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

04th May, 2021. 12:02 pm
Australian PM warns jail term for Aussies returning from India

Australian Prime Minister (PM) Scott Morrison has been heavily criticized over his decision to ban citizens in COVID-hit India from returning home.

The Australian PM has fully defended his government’s decision to force a jail term and a penalty for Australians trying to return from India.

He said it is in the country’s best interests and to prevent a third wave of the deadly pandemic.

The Australian government warned to indict those returning from India with a possibility of five years of jail term or a penalty of 66,000 Australian dollars (USD 50,899).

Morrison in his statement said, “It has been put in place to ensure that we do not get a third wave here in Australia and that our quarantine system can remain strong.”

He said that he feels bad for the Indian community as they suffer from the pandemic crisis.

“We’ve seen a seven-fold increase in the rate of infection of those in our Howard Springs facility coming back from India.”

“It’s important that we ensure that we have a temporary pause here to strengthen those arrangements in those quarantine facilities, get stronger testing arrangements, both when leaving India but also on people coming from third countries,” Morrison added.

He further added that the government wants to get those repatriation flights running safely again.

“These are the things we have to do to ensure I can do that, so I can. We’ve already brought home some 20,000 people from India through supported flights and facilitated flights, and they were just those who are registered. And so that has been a big effort to get people home,” the Prime Minister told.

“We’ve had the Biosecurity Act in place now for over a year and no one’s gone to jail… there hasn’t been any irresponsible use of those powers,” he said.

However, the premier was pilloried by Opposition leader Anthony Albanese for abandoning Australians in India and threatening the travellers with a penalty and a jail term.

Also, cricket commentator Michael Slater bashes the government for banning citizens in COVID-ravaged India from returning home.

“If our Government cared for the safety of Aussies they would allow us to get home. It’s a disgrace!! Blood on your hands PM,” Slater tweeted.

“How dare you treat us like this. How about you sort out the quarantine system. I had government permission to work on the IPL but I now have government neglect,” he added.

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