India: Court Terms Deaths Due To Lack Of Oxygen As Genocide

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th May, 2021. 08:25 pm
India: Court Terms Deaths Due To Lack Of Oxygen As Genocide

Courts in India have sharply criticized the central and state governments for failing to tackle the coronavirus Pandemic.

At a time when the central and state governments are facing criticism from all quarters due to the severe coronavirus crisis in India, the courts are also showing great resentment towards the attitude of the governments and harsh statements are being made against them.

For the past two weeks in India, most of the patients infected with COVID-19 in various hospitals across the country have been dying due to lack of oxygen and despite all the commotion, it has not been brought under control which is a matter of great concern.

During a hearing on a case of deaths due to lack of oxygen, the Allahabad High Court directed the district magistrates of major cities like Lucknow and Meerut to state after investigation how many patients have died due to lack of oxygen in hospitals so far.

The court ruled that the mere lack of oxygen in hospitals by the authorities responsible for the supply of oxygen for medical purposes was tantamount to genocide and a criminal act.

At a time when heart transplantation and brain surgery have become a reality, the High Court bench said, “How can we leave people to die like this?” Asked to submit report by Friday.

The High Court slammed the attitude of the UP government, saying that every day on social media, “people should be seen crying out for oxygen for their families and crying to save their lives.” But “instead of helping the compelled and helpless people, the district administration and the police harass them.”

Earlier, the Delhi High Court had on Tuesday sternly reprimanded the central government during a hearing on oxygen shortages and issued a show-cause notice to the central government for contempt of court.

According to the Delhi government, in the current situation, the city needs 700 tonnes of oxygen every day, while the Center is providing only half of it. As dozens of people are dying every day due to lack of oxygen in various hospitals in Delhi, the court had ordered the Center to provide 700 tonnes of oxygen, which has not been implemented yet.

A Delhi High Court bench told the central government, “You can cover your head in the sand like an ostrich. We will not do that.” The Supreme Court itself had asked the government to implement it by May 3, but Delhi has not yet received oxygen.

The Modi government has now challenged the Delhi High Court’s notice in the Supreme Court. Earlier, the high courts of Madras, Kolkata and Gujarat had also criticized the state and central governments for their lax attitude towards the pandemic.

There has been no significant reduction in the number of deaths and infections caused by the coronavirus in India, and according to figures released by the authorities on Wednesday, 382,000 more cases have been reported in the last 24 hours.

On the same day, another 3,780 deaths were reported. According to official figures, for the first time since the onset of the pandemic, so many people have died in a single day, a new record.

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