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Saudi Arabia: Travel Restrictions Lifted, First Flight Departed From Riyadh

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th May, 2021. 09:47 am
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Saudi Arabia: Travel Restrictions Lifted, First Flight Departed From Riyadh

Travel bans have been lifted in Saudi Arabia since 1 a.m. on Monday, May 17. Saudi Arabia’s airports, ports and border checkpoints have been opened to Saudi citizens.

The first flight from Riyadh’s King Khalid Airport departs for Sarajevo after 1 a.m.

“Only those who have taken both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will be able to travel to Saudi Arabia,” the passport department said in a statement. Those who take a single dose are also eligible to travel who have spent fourteen days after taking the first dose.

“Those who recover from the coronavirus will also be allowed to travel,” the statement said. Saudi citizens under the age of 18 are allowed to travel conditionally.

A spokesman for the Saudi Civil Aviation Department said that about 100,000 Saudis would travel abroad with precautions.

The spokesman said, “Before travelling, download the Tawaklana app and activate it.” Print the e-ticket before going to the airport and arrive at the airport long before the flight.

“Only travellers can go to the airport,” he said. Non-passengers will not be allowed to enter the airport building, but disabled passengers will be exempted.

The Saudi Interior Ministry has also issued all necessary instructions and SOPs for foreign travellers.

“Passengers will be welcomed at airports and sent for immigration, while the counters for vaccinators will be separate,” the spokesman said.

385 flights a day are expected to be operated from nine airports in Saudi Arabia. Of these, 75 flights will depart from Jeddah Airport, 225 from Riyadh and 66 from Dammam Airport.

“Most of the passengers are going to Cairo, Dubai, New York and Washington,” said a civil aviation and travel expert.

He asked the passengers to update the Tawakalna app before heading to the airport. Without it, they will not be allowed to enter. The Tawakkalna app is required for entry to the airport.

He further said that “every passenger should understand the travel conditions not only of the country concerned but also of each airline to start the journey as the policy of each company is different from the other”.

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