Gaza Once Again Under Attack Right After Naftali Takes Charge As Israeli PM

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

16th Jun, 2021. 12:17 pm
Gaza Once Again Under Attack Right After Naftali Takes Charge As Israeli PM

Gaza once again under attack just days after Naftali Bennett took over as Israeli prime minister, according to news reports.

The Israeli military says it is responding to ‘incendiary balloons’ attacks from Gaza in southern Israel. This is Israel’s first major military operation since a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel last month.

According to some media outlets affiliated with the Hamas group in Palestine, on the morning of Wednesday, June 16, the Israeli army targeted Hamas training camps in its airstrikes. No casualties have been reported so far in the attacks.

This is the first airstrike on Gaza since an 11-day ceasefire was signed between Hamas and the Israeli army last month. A limited-scale war in May killed about 250 Palestinians, including dozens of minors and women, and 13 in Israel.

What does Israel say about the latest attacks?

The Israeli Defense Forces confirmed the latest airstrikes in a statement. It says balloons are being sent from Gaza to Israeli soil, in response to which the air force has targeted a Hamas military compound.

The Israeli military says the arrival of such firecrackers has caused fires in 20 communities along the border with Gaza in southern Israel.

A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces, Ayesha Adari, shared a video of the airstrikes in a tweet, saying that in the southern part of Gaza City and Khan Yunis, “militant operatives have been targeted for meeting and other facilities.” Has been made. ”

Israel’s new hardline right-wing leader Naphtali Bennett took office on Sunday and his government

This is the first military operation in Gaza. Bennett had earlier said in a statement that the army needed to respond more forcefully to the fireballs coming from Gaza.



Tensions rise in Jerusalem since March

The airstrikes on Gaza come as hardline and right-wing extremist Jews marched through a controversial Arab-populated area in East Jerusalem on Tuesday. Since March, there has been a renewed wave of outrage among Palestinian Arabs.

The parade commemorates Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East War. On this occasion, hardline nationalist Jews organize a pride parade, which runs through the ancient areas of the city where most Muslims live.

During the march, hundreds of young Jewish people carry Israeli flags through the Muslim population, including at the Damascus Gate. Meanwhile, marchers also sing songs of courage and patriotism of the Israeli army. Yesterday, young Jews participating in the march chanted anti-Arab slogans, which were condemned by the Israeli government.

Israel’s new foreign minister, Yair Lapid, said in a statement that those who chanted racist slogans were “a source of disgrace to the Israeli people.”

“Shouting that everyone is anti-Semitic isn’t a policy or a work plan, even if it sometimes feels right,” he said.

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