NATO Leaders Call China Threat To Global Security

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

15th Jun, 2021. 12:41 pm
NATO Leaders Call China Threat To Global Security

Heads of member states of The North Treaty Organization (NATO) have called China a challenge to global security and expressed concern over its rapid missile development.

According to the reports, the NATO member states in a joint statement at the June 14 meeting in Brussels called China a global security risk.

Officials also expressed concern that China was rapidly building nuclear missiles.

The statement also described China’s rapid missile development as a systematic challenge to international law and the Security Alliance.

Although the 30 leaders of NATO member states refrained from calling China a rival in the statement, they expressed concern over China’s actions and its concerns over its use of modernizing its armed forces and dissemination of information.

The statement also called on Beijing to abide by international commitments and agreements and to act responsibly.

The NATO leaders’ statement on China comes at a time when US President Joe Biden recently expressed concern over human rights abuses in China at the G7 summit in England.

At the meeting, Biden called on allies to speak out on China’s trade practices and its growing military presence.

Biden told the meeting that forced labour in China and atrocities against Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province were a violation of human rights and violence against minorities.

At the NATO summit in Brussels following Biden’s remarks, although the allies differed on whether to openly criticize Beijing or call it a rival, the alliance described China’s actions as a threat and a challenge.

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