Ramadan Calendar Islamabad: Sehri Time Islamabad, Iftar Time Islamabad Ramadan 2020

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05th May, 2020. 02:53 am
Ramadan 2021: Sehri Time, Iftar Time Islamabad Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan Calendar Islamabad 2020: Today’s Sehar-o-Iftar Timings May 5, 2020 Islamabad

Today Sehar and Iftar timings in Islamabad (Fiqa Hanfia)

Ramadan 2020 Date Sehar Iftar
11th May 5, 2020 03:41 AM 6:55 PM

Today Sehar and Iftar timings in Islamabad (Fiqa Jafria)

Ramadan 2020 Date Sehar Iftar
11th May 5, 2020 03:31 AM 07:05  PM

Ramadan 2020 has begun and Muslims in Pakistan will keep their first fast on April 25th, 2020. BOL News updates Sehar and Iftar timings for different cities in Pakistan.

Here is the complete chart of Sehar and Iftar timings in Islamabad.

Sehri Time Islamabad, Iftar Time Islamabad

Ramadan 2020DateSeharIftar
1April 25, 202003:54 AM6:48 PM
2April 26, 202003:53 AM6:48 PM
3April 27, 202003:52 AM6:49 PM
4April 28, 202003:50 AM6:50 PM
5April 29, 202003:49 AM6:51 PM
6April 30, 202003:48 AM6:51 PM
7May 1, 202003:46 AM6:52 PM
8May 2, 202003:45 AM6:53 PM
9May 3, 202003:44 AM6:54 PM
10May 4, 202003:42 AM6:54 PM
11May 5, 202003:41 AM6:55 PM
12May 6, 202003:40 AM6:56 PM
13May 7, 202003:39 AM6:57 PM
14May 8, 202003:37 AM6:57 PM
15May 9, 202003:36 AM6:58 PM
16May 10, 202003:35 AM6:59 PM
17May 11, 202003:34 AM7:00 PM
18May 12, 202003:33 AM7:01 PM
19May 13, 202003:32 AM7:01 PM
20May 14, 202003:31 AM7:02 PM
21May 15, 202003:30 AM7:03 PM
22May 16, 202003:28 AM7:03 PM
23May 17, 202003:27 AM7:04 PM
24May 18, 202003:27 AM7:05 PM
25May 19, 202003:26 AM7:06 PM
26May 20, 202003:25 AM7:06 PM
27May 21, 202003:24 AM7:07 PM
28May 22, 202003:23 AM7:08 PM
29May 23, 202003:22 AM7:08 PM
30May 24, 202003:21 AM7:09 PM

The month of Ramadan presents a prime opportunity for all the Ummah to seek Allah’s (S.W.T) blessings and forgiveness. This whole month, let us indulge in the act of praying and giving charity, for and to those who have been the most affected by this pandemic disease. As the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “Whatever is prayed for at the time of breaking the fast is granted and never refused.”

Ramadan Mubarak is one of the most sacred months of Islamic Calendar in which Devils are chained, doors of heaven are opened and the doors of hell are closed. Muslims devote themselves to worship, fasting, and humanity.
Fasting or Siam is the third pillar of Islam according to which Muslims abstain themselves from having food and water from dawn to sunset. In addition to this, Muslims also experience Shab-e-Qadr in the last Ashrah.
Ramadan 2020 will be a different from what we have observed in the past. The government of Pakistan has imposed a country-wide lockdown to avoid the spread of coronavirus. We will miss several practices such as Iftar gatherings, Iftar and Sehar eateries, congregational gatherings such as Taraweeh, I’tikaf in Mosques, and others.

BOL News updates Seher and Iftar timings for different cities in Pakistan.

Ramadan Calendar Karachi : Sehri Time Karachi, Iftar Time Karachi Ramadan 2020

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