Ramadan Calendar Newcastle 2023 – Sehri and Iftar timing in Newcastle

Ramadan Calendar Newcastle 2023 – Sehri and Iftar timing in Newcastle

Ramadan Calendar Newcastle 2023 – Sehri and Iftar timing in Newcastle

Ramadan Calendar Newcastle 2023 – Today Sehri & Iftar Times Newcastle: Muslims around the world are set to observe the holy of month of Ramadan which is a period of deep spiritual reflection and fasting that takes place every year. The festival begins with the sighting of the crescent moon, which is typically one night after a new moon.

For the ease of people from Newcastle who wish to fast during the month, a Ramadan calendar 2023 has been provided below, include the sehri time, iftar time, and the date according to the Gregorian calendar.

Today Sehri & Iftar Time In Newcastle| Ramadan 2023 Calendar Newcastle

14:23 AM6:28 PM23 Mar 2023
24:20 AM6:30 PM24 Mar 2023
34:18 AM6:32 PM25 Mar 2023
45:16 AM7:34 PM26 Mar 2023
55:14 AM7:36 PM27 Mar 2023
65:12 AM7:38 PM28 Mar 2023
75:09 AM7:40 PM29 Mar 2023
85:07 AM7:42 PM30 Mar 2023
95:05 AM7:44 PM31 Mar 2023
105:03 AM7:46 PM01 Apr 2023
115:00 AM7:48 PM02 Apr 2023
124:58 AM7:50 PM03 Apr 2023
134:55 AM7:52 PM04 Apr 2023
144:53 AM7:54 PM05 Apr 2023
154:50 AM7:56 PM06 Apr 2023
164:48 AM7:58 PM07 Apr 2023
174:45 AM8:00 PM08 Apr 2023
184:43 AM8:02 PM09 Apr 2023
194:40 AM8:04 PM10 Apr 2023
204:38 AM8:06 PM11 Apr 2023
214:35 AM8:07 PM12 Apr 2023
224:33 AM8:09 PM13 Apr 2023
234:30 AM8:11 PM14 Apr 2023
244:28 AM8:13 PM15 Apr 2023
254:25 AM8:15 PM16 Apr 2023
264:23 AM8:17 PM17 Apr 2023
274:20 AM8:19 PM18 Apr 2023
284:17 AM8:21 PM19 Apr 2023
294:15 AM8:23 PM20 Apr 2023
304:11 AM8:25 PM21 Apr 2023

For the year 2023, the Ramadan calendar and the final timetable have been finalized. The sehri and iftar timings are to be strictly followed throughout the month and that is why the Ramadan schedule for each city is slightly different. Any confusion regarding the Ramadan 2023 timetable can be avoided by looking at these tables and that is why this article will prove to be your go-to place for checking the Ramadan timetable. The Ramadan calendar 2023 for Newcastle is listed above. Along with that, you can also find sehri and iftar timings for each day in accordance with your respective cities.

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