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Chinese court sentences a man involved in murder of Pakistani student to death

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

04th Jun, 2020. 09:39 pm
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Chinese court sentences a man involved in murder of Pakistani student to death

A court in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu has sentenced a Chinese man to death for killing a Pakistani student.

According to the Associated Press (APP), Pakistan’s state-run news agency, Moizuddin was studying at Nanjing University and on July 11, 2018, a 28-year-old Chinese man named Cong had killed a Pakistani citizen by stabbing with a knife after a minor altercation.

Police said that Moizuddin was injured by Cong’s motorcycle, after which there was a minor altercation, but Cong brought a fruit-cutting knife from a nearby market and attacked Moizuddin.

Nanjing’s Intermediate People’s Court rejected all arguments presented in Cong’s defence, calling it an “international murder” and sentencing him to death.

The court said the killing should be considered an international injury.

“As an adult, Cong should have known that stabbing someone in the chest could lead to death,” the court ruled.

The court ruling added that Cong repeatedly stabbed in the chest of the victim which made it clear that he wanted the victim’s death.

The court rejected the defendant’s defensive argument regarding the victim’s fault, saying there was no evidence that the victim had argued.

It is to be noted that after committing the murder, Kong took refuge in the house of his female friend but the police arrested Cong and his friend, Xia, within 8 hours.

The court sentenced Xia to 17 months in prison for harbouring a murder suspect.

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