Mir Shakeel, Mir Ibrahim plans to wind up Jang-Geo media group, reveals Merk Thomas

Mir Shakeel, Mir Ibrahim plans to wind up Jang-Geo media group, reveals Merk Thomas

Mir Shakeel, Mir Ibrahim plans to wind up Jang-Geo media group, reveals Merk Thomas

Mir Shakil


Jang-Geo Group CEO and Editor-in-Chief Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman has decided to liquidate both of his channel networks and plans to settle abroad in order to get rid of the allegations in case pertaining to the purchase of a 54-kanal land, citing sources.

Mir Shakeel has agreed to liquefy all his assets and turn them over to authorities, including the keys to his propaganda machine, the Geo and Jang network. In return, he will be allowed to travel and settle abroad.

This decision is shocking and totally unacceptable to his son Mir Ibrahim.

According to US based international lawyer, Merk Thomas, Media Firon plans to wind up all of his assets including Geo network and will to walk free by settling abroad.

Mir Ibrahim is currently trying to convince the authorities that he is not as rigid and an anti-nationalist as his father was, and that the network will not support or run any anti-Pakistan campaigns under his leadership.


Though this claim looks illogical as we already know that Mir Ibrahim himself directly participated and executed all anti-Pakistan campaigns with his right hand Mir Ishaq.

The only fear Mir Ibrahim has right now is that the deal his father is finalizing will give authorities the power to turn the tables around, they will assign complete control of his media group to some other large media group, and they will lose all their power for good.

However, sources have confirmed that Mir Ibrahim is in lot of stress these days due to an expected deal between Media Firon and the authorities.

The decision to liquidate all of his assets and properties, Mir Shakil has put his son in quite an embarrassing situation.


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Gepostet von BOL am Samstag, 13. Juni 2020

Earlier, Geo had started the false propaganda again Axact. The propaganda was started to remove Media Firon from public’s eye. Geo network did all this to save his chief executive Mir Shakil ur Rehman.


Merk Thomas said this is the conspiracy of chief executive of Geo network, Mir Ibrahim ur Rehman.

He said, these types of articles and paid write ups are very common now. After the investigation we have found that the article was paid by Mir Ibrahim from Pakistan.

The third party is involved behind this article, this is a clear case of defamation and impersonation, the lawyer said.

This is not the first time when Mir Ibrahim has done this, Mir Ibrahim has a history of doing these types of crimes, Thomas said.

Also, Media Firon made Coronavirus the reason for not appearing before NAB in Lahore after being summoned.

Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman was summoned to appear in Lahore’s accountability court for the hearing of the illegal plot allotment case.


Media Firon’s officials made Coronavirus the reason for not bringing him to court from the Services Hospital.

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