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PM Imran Khan explains poem was wrongly attributed to Allama Iqbal

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

06th Jun, 2020. 08:59 pm
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PM Imran Khan

The Prime Minister termed the poem of another poet as Allama Iqbal’s poem. Later, PM Imran Khan corrected it and retweet.

He said, “This poem by Iqbal reflects how I try to lead my life. I urge our youth to understand and absorb the poem of the great Iqbal and I guarantee them that it will release their great God-given potential that we all possess as His greatest creation Ashraf ul Mukhluqat.”

In his message on social networking site Twitter, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his aim is to convey this message to the people, this poem reflects the style in which I try to create a lifestyle.

PM Imran Khan retweeted his tweet and wrote, “I stand corrected – this is not Allama Iqbal’s poem but the message conveyed is what I have stood by and tried to follow and if our youth absorbs this message it will release their great God- given potential that all of us possess as His greatest creation Ashraf ul Mukhluqat.”

He said that Allah Almighty has bestowed great abilities in all of us while creating the noblest of creatures and I guarantee that your God-given abilities will come to the fore.

“I urge the youth to understand this poem and follow it,” he said in a statement.

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