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262 Suspended pilots’ educational credentials and licenses are authentic

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Jul, 2020. 08:05 pm
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262 Suspended pilots' educational credentials and licenses are authentic

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Aviation has revealed that the educational credentials and licenses of 262 suspended pilots are authentic but irregularities have come to light in the verification process on which the licenses of 28 pilots have been revoked while 80 have been suspended.

During the meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Aviation, Secretary Aviation gave a briefing on pilots’ licenses and degrees.

The Federal Secretary said that irregularities have been found in 262 licenses of pilots on which licenses of 28 pilots have been revoked while 80 have been suspended.

Committee member Senator Mustafa Nawaz asked whether the degrees and licenses of these 262 pilots were correct. On which the secretary said that they were authentic.

Senator Mustafa Nawaz said that it has been proved that the statement of Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan has harmed the PIA at the international level. To which, Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that we have corrected our mistakes and our intention was clear.

On the other hand, Senator Sherry Rehman and Senator Mustafa Nawaz then walked out of the meeting and demanded the resignation of the Federal Minister.

Background to the fake or suspicious license case

It may be recalled that the government had issued a list of 262 pilots, including 141 pilots of Pakistan Airlines (PIA), on charges of fake or suspicious licenses.

On June 30, the European Aviation Safety Agency suspended PIA’s air operations permits for European countries for six months after the case of Pakistani pilots with suspicious licenses came to light.

The UK had also banned the arrival of PIA flights following the EASA ban, while the Vietnam Aviation Authority had recently grounded all Pakistani pilots following reports of suspicious licenses.

Malaysia also temporarily suspended Pakistani pilots, while the UAE’s Civil Aviation Authority wrote to Pakistani authorities to check the suspicious licenses of Pakistani pilots and flight operations officers working for Emirates Airlines.

The government’s list of suspicious pilots has been flawed, after which the Pilots’ Association Palpa has announced it will challenge it in the Supreme Court.

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