Kashmir Bleeds: Photo of a child sitting on grandfather’s dead body shakes the world

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Jul, 2020. 06:53 pm
Occupied Kashmir: Photo of a child sat on grandfather's dead body shakes the world

The photo of a minor child sitting on his grandfather’s dead body in Occupied Kashmir has shaken the world and is a moment of reflection for human rights activists who have long been silent spectators to the ongoing atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.

State terrorism has been going on in occupied Kashmir for decades by the occupying Indian forces and the pictures and videos that came to light after today’s incident have shaken the world.

The photo that went viral on social media in which a small, an almost 3-year-old child is sitting on top of his grandfather’s dead body covered in blood and security personnel are standing next to him.

Media reports stated that the incident took place in the Sopore area of ​​Model Town in Baramulla district of Occupied Kashmir.

The report said that an exchange of fire took place between Indian paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (PRPF) personnel and freedom fighters, as a result of which a Kashmiri was killed on the way while his 3-year-old granddaughter survived. However, the family of the deceased said that he was killed by Indian forces.

The report also said that one Indian soldier was killed and three others were injured in the firing.

Note that Radio Pakistan reported that a Kashmiri youth was killed during a siege and search operation in Model Town area of ​​Sopore while two CPRF personnel were killed and two others were injured.

According to media reports, Kashmir police and local journalists rushed to the spot after receiving a report of a clash in the area, where they saw a shocking scene.

“When we arrived at the scene, the body of a man was lying on the roadside covered in blood, with a small child sitting and crying,” said a local journalist.

He said that a police officer picked up the child whose clothes were covered in blood and put him in his car and transferred him to another place.

On the other hand, CRPF spokesperson did not give a clear answer regarding the death of a civilian in the incident and said that it is difficult to say about it, he could be killed in a cross-firing.

The deceased was identified as Bashir Ahmed Khan, a resident of Mustafa Colony HMT on the outskirts of Srinagar.

Security forces killed my father says the son of Bashir Ahmed

The family of the deceased said that Bashir Ahmed was shot not by the freedom fighters but by the security forces.

Bashir Ahmed’s family said he was a contractor by profession and was on his way to a construction site in Sopore with his 3-year-old grandson Ayad Jahangir when he was killed by security forces.

Bashir Ahmed’s son released a video in which he said that his father had left home in the morning as he was working in Sopore when the firing started and the CRPF took him out of the vehicle and killed him.

However, after this incident, the pictures of the grandson sitting on the body of the grandfather went viral on social media and it became a top trend on Twitter.

The hashtags ‘Kashmir Bleeds’ and ‘Kashmiri Lives Matter’ became the top trends on Twitter in which people mentioned the incidents that took place in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Not only that but by sharing the photos and video of this child, people also criticized the occupying Indian forces.

It is to be noted that unarmed Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir have been facing Indian oppression for a long time while the occupying Indian forces are busy suppressing their right to self-determination by force.

In one month, 54 Kashmiris were killed

In June alone, Indian forces killed 54 Kashmiris, including two boys, in state terrorism, according to the Kashmir Media Service.

Not only that, but at least 29 people were injured when Indian forces opened fire, used bullets and tear gas shells at funerals and peaceful protests.

Indian police and paramilitary forces arrested 82 people, including an elderly woman, and raped 3 women during 567 sieges and search operations.

In a month, 25 houses were damaged by the Indian Army and police and many houses were looted.

The report also said that during the siege and search operation in occupied Kashmir during the last six months, Indian forces killed 148 Kashmiris.

Since the abolition of the special status of Occupied Kashmir by India on August 5, 2019, atrocities against Kashmiris have increased there and unarmed Kashmiris are being killed by Indian forces on a daily basis.

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