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Mir Shakil shifted to services hospital from camp jail

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10th Sep, 2020. 07:44 pm
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Mir Shakil shifted to services hospital from camp jail

Mir Shakil has been shifted to the services hospital from the camp jail.

According to the details, Shakil was sent to jail on judicial remand by the Accountability Court, Lahore on April 28, but he was soon shifted to the hospital.

The accused Mir Shakil has been living in the VIP room of the services hospital, and with the help of the hospital administration, Mir Shakil has also been using VVIP room no 2 of the hospital.

In this regard, the action was taken on the application of Asad Khiral who stated that why Shakil has been living in a hospital room since 135 days, and on whose order Shakil was shifted to the hospital.

However, Shakil was discharged from the hospital earlier at 3 pm today, but Shakil didn’t leave the hospital and the jail authorities are still waiting for him outside.

The jail administration kept waiting for the accused outside the hospital because the accused, Mir Shakil is not willing to go to jail.

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