Jannat Mirza Supports PTA Move To Ban TikTok

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09th Oct, 2020. 10:32 pm
Janat Mirza Supports PTA Move To Ban TikTok

Pakistan’s leading Tiktoker Jannat Mirza has supported Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)’s move to ban TikTok in Pakistan.

According to the details, Jannat Mirza said that she is in Japan and meanwhile she received the news of the ban on Tiktok in Pakistan.

Tiktok star gave her opinion and said that she herself supported a ban on TikTok in Pakistan.

Note that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has banned popular app TikTok in Pakistan.

According to a press release issued by PTA, it has been decided to block this app in Pakistan due to inappropriate and immoral content.

The press release stated that various sections of the society have complained about the presence of unethical and inappropriate content on TikTok, after which the PTA has decided to ban the app.

It was further stated that the PTA officials had informed the TikTok administration of their concerns and the TikTok administration was also given time to act on the PTA instructions but the TikTok administration failed to follow the instructions which It was later decided to ban this app.

The PTA says it has informed the TikTok management that it will reconsider the ban in the coming days if it develops an effective strategy on unethical content as directed by the PTA. Can be done.


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