List Of The Ten Most Beautiful Streets From Around The World

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

29th Dec, 2020. 02:10 pm
Beautiful Streets Of The World

From the colorful umbrella paradise in Rua Luis de Camoes to the avenue of mature beech trees in northern Ireland at Bregagh road. The following list of breathtakingly beautiful streets from around the world will make your wanderlust spirit stop and stare.

Here are some of the most fascinating streets around the globe.

1. Jinli Street, Chengdu, China

In 2004 it was restored to its current condition. It is regarded as the oldest shopping street located in Sichuan province tracing its history back some 1,800 years.

2. Lombard St, San Francisco

Lombard Street of San Francisco is the best attraction for tourists. The street is famous for its eight hairpins twisting between a single block.

3. Caminito, La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminito is translated as “the little path and is the most colorful street in Buenos Aires. Currently, Caminito serves as the street museum. Its blue, yellow, and green tenements display the work done by the local artists.

4. The Philosopher’s Walk, Kyoto, Japan

The street of Japan “Philosopher’s Walk” is best seen during the Sakura season which lasts for almost two weeks. with cherry trees crowding both the banks.

5. Flask Walk, Hampstead, London, England

In the north of England is the narrow street of “Flask Walk”. It is situated just a few steps down the hill from Hampstead Tube station.

6. Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Cockburn Street in Scotland developed in the 1850s is a feat of Victorian architecture and design.

7. Umbrella Sky Project, Agueda, Portugal

Agueda, the area of Portugal that was transformed in 2011. It was done under the Umbrella Sky Project and changed the street into colorful, umbrella-shaded paradises.

8. Square de Montsouris, Paris, France

In Paris, Square de Montsouris is renowned for its houses made of mosaics and stained glass. The architecturally refined area of Paris links Parc Montsoris with Avenue Reille.

9. The Dark Hedges, Bregagh Road, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, the Dark Hedges has become the 21st-century icon is the most picturesque street.

10. Herbert Baker Street, Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria is ablaze with jacarandas blooms Between September and November. The Herbert Baker street in South Africa has a row of 100 white jacarandas.


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