India: Babri Masjid Destroyers Are Patriots But Those Who Climbed Red Fort?

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

27th Jan, 2021. 08:09 pm
India: Babri Masjid Destroyers Are Patriots But Those Who Climbed Red Fort?

The entry of farmers into India’s historic Red Fort and the waving of various flags has turned the face of country’s farmers’ movement that has been going on for two months.

Now, more than the demand of the farmers, the issue is being discussed that the did farmers insult the flag of India by entering the Red Fort and waving different flags.

On the occasion of the Republic Day of India on Tuesday, January 26, there are questions about allowing farmers to hold a tractor rally in Delhi as there were violent incidents and one farmer was killed.

Some media reports also said that the Indian tricolor (flag) was taken down and a Khalsa flag was hoisted in its place, but in fact it was the religious flag of the Sikhs and thus it became a symbol of representation of one religion.

FIRs have also been registered against farmers in several places in the past few days, while police officials say more than 80 personnel were injured and government property damaged.
Several videos of police using batons on farmers have gone viral in recent days, but

no details have been released on how many farmers were injured.

Farmers have said that their rally is over but their struggle will continue.

According to ANI news agency, farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikait said on the occasion of Republic Day that people were driving tractors and they were not familiar with the route to Delhi.

The administration showed them the way to Delhi. They went to Delhi and returned to their homes. Some of them unknowingly went to the Red Fort.

Deep Sidhu  is said to have inspired the farmers to hoist the flag at the Red Fort. According to some media reports, he also confessed to waving the Nishan Sahib on the Red Fort.

About him, Rakesh Tikait told ANI: ‘Deep Sidhu is not a Sikh, he is a BJP worker. He has a picture with the Prime Minister. This is a farmers ‘movement and will remain a farmers’ movement. “Some people have to leave the place immediately. Those who break the barricades can never be part of the movement.”

There is a lot of talk about it on social media and it is being said that the BJP has done all this to its men and now they are talking about the greatness of the tricolor.
Leading Hindi journalist and professor Dilip Mandal tweeted: ‘The tricolor is being honored by those who never waved the tricolor at their headquarters for 52 years of independence and three Ambedkar supporters waved the tricolor on Republic Day. Was sued. Patriotism means Muslim opposition to them.

He also wrote in his various tweets that such a large number of farmers entered Delhi but did not harm anyone, did not set fire, did not rob anyone’s shop and so on.
On the other hand, well-known actor and BJP leader Sunny Deol tweeted that he has nothing to do with Deep Sadhu. He said this while talking to Deep Sidhu when his pictures went viral on social media in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi also appears.

Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi tweeted that violence is not the solution to any problem, hurting anyone is the loss of our country. Take back the anti-agriculture law in the interest of the country.

Similarly, Punjab Chief Minister and Congress leader Capt Amrinder Singh said that violence in tractor parade was not acceptable in any way and appealed to the farmers to leave Delhi and come to the border.

Farmers’ union leader Rakesh Tikait said police had damaged several tractors. They have to pay for it.

On the other hand, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party in the state of Delhi has expressed regret over the recent incidents and criticized the central government for allowing the situation to deteriorate so much.

Farmers say the elements that made the peaceful struggle violent were outsiders, not farmers, and that this was done to weaken the peasant movement.

Many people have tweeted photos of the 1992 attack on the Babri Masjid and the people who climbed the minarets and domes of the Red Fort yesterday, questioning whether the attackers on the Babri Masjid were patriots but climbing the Red Fort. Ones?

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