Shahzad Akbar Expresses Concern Over PEMRA’s Illegal Actions Against BOL News

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

14th Mar, 2021. 11:38 pm

Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior and Accountability Shahzad Akbar has expressed his views over the illegal actions taken by chairman PEMRA Saleem Baig while speaking to host Jameel Farooqui in BOL News’ Program ‘National Debate‘.

Shahzad Akbar said that,

“PEMRA is working under law, however, if an order is not complied with, contempt of court case is made.”

Shahzad Akbar also said that he will tell Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the illegal actions by PEMRA for not airing BOL News in different areas of the country and placing the channel to the last number.

“I will convey the voice of BOL to the Prime Minister. The voice of BOL must have reached PM Imran Khan by now,” said Shahzad Akbar.

Moving ahead, Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior and Accountability also talked about the increasing inflation in the country and told BOL News’ National Debate’s host Jameel Farooqui that Government is taking all the possible measures to control inflation.

“Agreements with IPPs will be further improved,” said Shahzad Akbar.

Talking about Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N), Shahzad Akbar said,

“Nawaz Sharif is on the run and is helpless.”

He further told that the government can now make legal amendments in the Cabinet, however, the government still does not have majority members for constitutional amendments.

On the other hand, Shahzad Akbar said that Nawaz Sharif should be treated in Pakistan despite getting treatment abroad.

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