Facebook introduces an AI model that copies text style from images

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

14th Jun, 2021. 11:10 am
Facebook introduces an AI modal that copies text style from images

Facebook Researchers have created the first self-supervised AI model capable of replicating text in handwritten and real-world scenes using only a single example word.

In recent years, we’ve learned that artificial intelligence can copy and replicate human features, voices, and lips. An AI model developed by Facebook researchers can now imitate, modify, and replace handwritten and scene text with a single word in an image.

On Friday, Facebook introduced TextStyleBrush, an AI research project. Other AI systems can copy and replace text for well-defined and specific jobs, but TextStyleBrush is unique. It can duplicate text in both handwritten and real-world scenarios.

Facebook explained in the news announcement, “It means understanding unlimited text styles for not just different typography and calligraphy, but also for different transformations, like rotations, curved text, and deformations that happen between paper and pen when handwriting; background clutter; and image noise.”

on the other hand, Facebook is still trying to figure out how to fix the news feed. Facebook intends to ask users about the type of content they want to see. In the coming months, the company will begin investigating users about the content of its news feeds. It includes whether too much political content contributes to “negative experiences”.

“Increasingly, we are hearing comments from people who see a lot of content about politics and many other types of posts and comments that affect their experience in the News Feed,” wrote Facebook on a blog. “We will work to better understand what types of content are related to these negative experiences.”

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