Govt to support state media to signify national narrative: Ch Fawad

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

28th Jun, 2021. 08:44 pm
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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to ensure the use of state media to project the positive image of Pakistan, unlike the past ruling parties who projected their narrative through state ruled media, stated Minister of Information and Broadcasting Division Ch Fawad.

“Today’s world was a world of public opinion, now wars were fought through rhetoric, the more the narrative was accepted, the more victory would be determined. With the use of advanced technology and strengthening the state media with more allocations, we can effectively fight media war against enemies of Pakistan,” the minister said.

He acknowledged the Ministry of Finance for assigning sufficient funds to permit state media to meet the universal standards.

He said a plan of modifications was being presented in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and its departments to face existing challenges.

Fawad further stated that the digitalization of official media including the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, and Pakistan Television (PTV) would be introduced by August this year. He further added that the operative of APP would be on contemporary lines like any international news agency such as AFP or Reuters.

He said that “PTV was being made a complete HD channel with having technology and programming of the modern era”.

The minister said Pakistan had presented plenteous sacrifices in the war against terrorism but previous governments botched to eloquent its narrative in an effective way through the use of media globally, adding, they did not work clamorously to create public opinion.

Fawad said, “wars in the world were now fought through the victory of one’s narrative. Ironically, no heed was paid to that aspect in past”.



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