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NAB opposes Zardari’s transfer plea

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

10th Jun, 2021. 08:24 pm
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NAB opposes former president Asif Ali Zardari’s request for the transfer of his trials from accountability courts in Islamabad to a court in Karachi keeping in view of his illness.

One of the NAB’s directors-general has acquiesced a 13-page statement in the Supreme Court in response to Zardari’s plea. The statement stated that the accountability courts in Islamabad have indicted the PPP leader Zardari and that NAB is present witnesses before the courts.

NAB said the suspect has already been released from personal appearance and a “mere convenience of accused persons cannot be termed as a valid and cogent reason or grounds for transfer of references from Islamabad to Karachi”.

“Additionally it is the defense side which is seeking adjournments from the trial court in order to delay the proceedings and not even a single adjournment has been sought by NAB,” it added.

“The accused/defense counsel [may] also be directed not to seek any unnecessary adjournment during the trial proceedings,” it further added.

NAB opposes the plea and explained that it will have no complaint if the SC orders the accountability courts to settle the trials in a specific timeframe stated that due to its successful investigations, a number of indicted persons have hit a plea bargain deal or sought pardon and agreed to the capitulation of the unlawful benefits availed by them either in the form of cash or land illegally allotted to them.







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