Grandparents killed granddaughter for wearing jeans in India

Raba NoorWeb Editor

27th Jul, 2021. 07:26 pm
grandparents killed girl

The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh, where 17-year-old Neha was killed by her grandparents and other relatives for wearing jeans.

According to sources, the victim’s mother Shakuntala Devi said that the girl’s uncle and grandfather had an argument over wearing jeans after which they beat Neha with the stick.

Shakuntala Devi said that her daughter was fasting on the day of the incident. In the evening, she performed religious rites wearing jeans and a top. When her grandparents saw her, they objected to her dress, to which Neha replied that jeans are made to be worn, that’s why I will wear them.

The woman said the argument escalated into a heated argument, after which Neha was beaten so badly that she fainted. Later, her grandparents and uncle called a rickshaw and claimed to take her to the hospital.

Neha’s mother revealed that she was not willing to take me with her, which made me suspicious, so I informed my family.

Shakuntala Devi added that the next morning they heard that a girl’s body was hanging on the bridge over the river. When they reached there, they found out that it was Neha’s body.

According to media reports, police arrested the grandparents, the rickshaw driver, and the uncle for investigation.

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