“I knew it wasn’t a good feeling”, says Bharti Singh on being touched inappropriately

Raba NoorWeb Editor

16th Jul, 2021. 07:43 pm
Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh

An Indian comedian Bharti Singh has opened up on the times when she faced unwanted advances from men around her while working in the entertainment industry. She also revealed that as a child, she had witnessed her mom go through very tough times.

While talking in an interview on a show, Bharti said, “The coordinators (of events) sometimes misbehaved. They would rub their hands on the back. I would know it’s not a good feeling, but then also think that he’s like my uncle, he can’t be bad. Maybe I am wrong and he is right.”

“It is only now that she understands that such behaviour is not right,” she added

“So I thought this doesn’t feel right. I had no understanding. I have the confidence to fight now. I can now say ‘what is the matter, what are you looking at, go out we are changing now’. I can speak up now, but I had no courage back then.” she further said

She started her journey with the Laughter Challenge, while talking about her childhood and how she used to watch her mother face hardships, she said, “I have seen how the shopkeepers used to come home to demand payback of their loans. They would hold my mother’s hands. I did not understand then that they were misbehaving with her. They used to hold her hands, someone even put a hand on her shoulders once. She said ‘aren’t you ashamed, I have kids, my husband is no more and this is how you behave?'” Bharti’s mother was 24-year-old at the time.

Bharti Singh became a household name with comedy shows such as The Kapil Sharma Show. Now, she often makes guest appearances on reality shows and some of her recent appearances were on Bigg Boss 14 and Khatron Ke Khiladi 10.

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