Singapore is considering to resume sports, conferences, and concerts for its immunized citizens

Tahir Yameen

07th Jul, 2021. 08:53 pm
Singapore is considering sports, conferences, and concerts for its immunized citizens

By the end of the month, Singapore anticipates more than half of its people to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, allowing for larger gatherings for conferences, live music, sports, weddings, and religious activities.

The plan was introduced after the government announced on Wednesday that it will lift some coronavirus restrictions from next week, allowing up to five individuals to dine at restaurants.

The message came as Singapore observed an accelerated COVID-19 vaccination rate and very few locally transmitted cases in recent weeks.

The ministry stated that authorities are looking for more liberal social measures for those who have been properly vaccinated, such as gatherings of up to eight persons.

Based on the percentage of fully vaccinated personnel, more may be allowed to return to work.

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