Will Tik Tok help its users to find a job?

Raba NoorWeb Editor

09th Jul, 2021. 10:55 pm
Tik Tok job

Tik Tok job

The Tik Tok app has made an important announcement for its users.

According to the details, Tik Tok has announced that it will help its users in finding a job and has launched a service called ‘Resume’ for this.

The service is currently being launched in the United States, allowing you to send your CV and employment data to different agencies.

The purpose of this facility is to further improve Tik Tok in the public interest and to help users to find jobs.

Interestingly, Tik Tok has also approached the world’s largest companies and institutions in this regard, including  WWE, ALO Yoga, Shopify, and other leading companies.

Analysts have described it as “interesting” and an attempt to make it a platform for providing services such as LinkedIn.

Tik Tok also offers a very simple way to use it. That is, first go to ‘Showcase Their Skill Sets and Experiences’ and then post your resume with the caption, “#TikTokResumes”.

In addition, Tik Tok itself has created a separate website for the job where video CVs and text data can be sent.

It should be noted that Tik Tok has also introduced several options for e-commerce and buying and selling which are still popular.

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