Dubai Is Creating Artificial Rain Storms To Combat Heat

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

01st Aug, 2021. 08:58 pm
Dubai artificial rain fall

It’s so hot in Dubai that the government is artificially creating rainstorms.

The government has chosen to take control of the hot heat in Dubai, which often exceeds 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Scientists within the United Arab Emirates are making it rain — artificially — utilizing electrical prices from drones to govern the climate and pressure rainfall throughout the desert nation. Meteorological officers launched video footage this week displaying a downpour over Ras al Khaimah, in addition to a number of different areas.

This week, meteorological officials published video footage of a rainstorm in Ras al Khaimah and other parts of the UAE.

The new method of rainclouds helps lessening heat alleviating drought conditions around the world, without many of the environmental problems such as previous salt tactics.

Annually, the United Arab Emirates receives about 4 inches of rain per year. The government is hoping that regularly zapping clouds to generate rain will help to alleviate some of the arid nation’s annual heatwaves.

The UAE is one of the first countries in the Gulf region to adopt cloud seeding technology. The National Center of Meteorology said. A version of the concept is used by at least eight states in the western United States at Scientific American.

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