Minar e Pakistan incident: victim narrates her suffering

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19th Aug, 2021. 01:08 am
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The woman who was abused and tortured by a mob at Minar-e-Pakistan on August 14 has narrated her suffering in which, she exposed much to the tremor and fear of everyone who was a part of the incident.

In an interview with Private news, the woman said that it all started with the mob began by wanting to take a selfie with her and her friends, who had gone to the Greater Iqbal Park in Lahore to make a TikTok video.

“It was okay as far as taking a selfie goes […] but they soon pushed the whole group to a fenced area, and later it was torn down and everyone came pouring in,” she said.

As the mob continued to harass the group, the woman said a point came when a small pond came. She told herself that perhaps she should jump into the water. “My team kept telling me to jump, but I couldn’t.”

She went on to describe how they even called the Police Helpline number, 15, but no one came to rescue.

“I was tortured from 6:30 pm to 9 pm,” she said, adding that the mob kept pulling at her hair and upholding her up as she lost stability, saying, “she must be faking it, she must be okay”.

“If a woman is not safe in her Pakistan, in her own city, then she is safe nowhere,” stated the victim in between teary eyes.

She said that people persistently kept touching her and were treating her like a “plaything”.

“There is no part of my body which is not bruised,” she added.

The woman said that as may be the case when someone may find a woman wearing what they deem to be “objectionable clothing”, this was no such incidence.

The victim said in her statement that “I did not wear any vulgar clothes. I have never worn such clothes, or made vulgar videos. I was in a proper dress. I had got a new one stitched for August 14”.

“Before I knew it, I was stripped bare,” she said.

The victim remembered calling multiple times to law enforcement to come to the rescue and she coped a mild “help me” for them to hear, but no one came for hours.

“Why was this done? I never did anything wrong to anyone. No one even knew me,” she said.

“Is this my punishment for being a daughter of Pakistan?” she asked.

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