MPA Asad Khokhar’s brother killed by suspect due to ignoring him: police sources

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10th Aug, 2021. 01:23 am
mpa asad khokar

The major suspect in MPA Asad Khokhar’s brother’s murder case, Nazim, killed Malik Mubashar as the victim “ignored” him after he was unconfined in an additional murder charge, stated police sources.

Nazim, during the early questioning, had admitted to killing Malik Mubashar in vengeance, stating that the MPA’s brother was purportedly convoluted in the murders of his brother and uncle.

The police sources, refusing his declaration, exposed, “No uncle of the suspect was killed.”

Police sources have claimed that the suspect had killed a man named Mansha when he rebuffed to appear previously to the court to attest in his brother’s murder case.

Whereas the suspect’s brother Aslam alias Bila had hostility with the “Ghatta” group.

The suspect had a felonious record, the police said, adding that Nazim and his collaborator, Nadeem, had killed Mansha in 2012.

The court had offered down the death sentence to Nazim and life incarceration to Nadeem in the murder case.

Nazim had trooped a petition alongside the decision and he was unconfined from jail in 2019.

Malik Mubashar, the MPA’s brother, started eluding the suspect after he had been unconstrained from jail, the police sources said, adding that this behavior made Nazim fuming with Malik Mubashar for disaffection himself from him.

The killing of MPA’s brother in revenge confesses suspect

Formerly on August 7, Nazim had acknowledged his crime, quoting that he killed Malik Mubashar in “revenge”.

The incidence of the suspicious at the event has uncovered serious intervals in Chief Minister Buzdar’s security procedures who was also attending the wedding in which the incident occurred.

During the early examination, the suspect named Nazim told the police that Malik Mubashar, the lawmaker’s brother, was purportedly convoluted in the homicides of his brother and uncle.

Sharing further details, he had told the police that he, carrying a pistol, reached the valima ceremonial at around 8:15 am, further accumulating that the guards did not stop him at the gate for a body search.

“I opened fire on Malik Mubashar when the Punjab chief minister was sitting in his vehicle,” he stated to the police.


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