Pakistani most loved on-screen couples of 2021

Anoushia JabeenWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2021. 06:22 pm

From amazing stories to exceptional performances, our television business has everything to keep people talking about its shows. The choice of lead celebrities and their commitment to the roles in such a manner that people prefer to believe them for genuine is, nevertheless, what attracts the audience’s attention. Let’s take a look at some of these popular on-screen couples that managed to do this in the year 2021.

Ayeza Khan & Osman Khalid Butt

Previously seen in a 2013 Ramadan special series Ghalti Se Mistake Ho Gayi, Ayeza and Osman paired up once again for another TV show Chupke Chupke which aired this year in Ramadan. As it was a romantic comedy and family drama, they did the most perfect job in portraying their characters and delivered exactly what was required for the storyline. One can’t deny that their chemistry was winsome and watching them on screen together was a complete delight.

Arslan Naseer & Aymen Saleem

Another popular duo of Arslan and Aymen from the same series Chupke Chupke is a new pair to the public eye. They gave such astounding performances that we were so taken with their on-screen chemistry and started shipping their relationship off-screen as well. We all knew how entertaining Arslan was as a content creator, but his entry into the television industry stunned us all.

Feroze Khan & Iqra Aziz

The Khaani actor has previously worked with a number of brilliant actresses and has garnered a lot of acclaim for his outstanding work. This time he teamed up with Suno Chanda actress Iqra Aziz, who is known for providing incredible performances and developing fascinating chemistry with her on-screen co-stars. Both brilliant faces set a record and impressed everyone this year with the third season of Khuda Aur Mohabbat. People have been demanding for this new duo to join up for more shows since they first came to public prominence.

Imran Ashraf & Sarah Khan

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that Raqs-e-Bismal was one of the finest dramas of the year, thanks to its incredible narrative and, most significantly, these two outstanding performers, Sarah Khan and Imran Ashraf, who came together to make this a huge hit. Imran has always been recognized for his acting abilities, and he has risen to the top of the list of best performers, while Sarah Khan is recognized for her stunning features and acting as well. They both did an incredible job with their characters, bringing out another beautiful pair for the audience.

Shehriyar Munawar & Maya Ali

If you’ve seen Parey Hut Love, you’ll understand why Maya and Sheheryar in the drama series Pehli Si Mohabbat are so popular. These young stars have already wowed us before with their remarkable performances, as a pair as well as separately in their various projects. They seem to have a different type of chemistry off-screen as well, which is why we hope to see them in more shows or films in the future.

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