Top 7 Sports movies you should be watching during Olympics

Sahil KumarWeb Editor

01st Aug, 2021. 06:48 pm


The 2020 Olympics have arrived as the world is finally being able to battle the pandemic. Over the years, some of the most historical and noteworthy moments have made Oscar-worthy movies. Since the world of sports make for thrilling dramas and exciting outcomes, here are 7 sports movies that will make for a perfect match with the ongoing Olympics.

Miracle (2004)

Director Gavin O’Connor’s Miracle is a movie that differs from an average sports flick, focusing more on the coach than any player making it a must-watch. Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell), who was unable to take part in the 1960’s Olympics, takes on a challenge to train a group of young ice hockey players, still in their early 20’s for the 1980 winter Olympics. Herb Brooks, who is assigned a thankless task to instruct a team representing America, ensures a tremendous outcome as the US secures a win against the robust USSR in the 1980’s Olympics. The movie, through the game of hockey, conveys that the heart of the game is willpower, desire, and bravery. Miracle, featuring a narrative infused with unending emotions, will surely make you proud at the end of the day.

Chariots of Fire (1981)

A movie that highlights British class distinctions, a character study, and a great many running scenes, Chariots of Fire is utterly compelling. Directed by Hugh Hudson, Chariots of Fire flawlessly depicts the differences between sentiment and sentimentality through its brilliant narrative. The movie features a story of two strong-minded individuals who prepare themselves for the 1924 Olympics and not only worship running as part of God’s splendor but also overcome the class bias and anti-Semitism surrounding the religiously divided United Kingdom in the early 1920s. Director Hugh Hudson perfectly balances the film between lyrical and comic, making a phenomenal cinematic that doesn’t deny the realities of the lives unprivileged, Chariots of Fire is definitely one of the must-watch movies of all time.

Wimbledon (2004)

Directed by Richard Loncraine, Wimbledon, the go-to movie of tennis lovers, features the story of Peter Colt (Bettany), a fading star who resolves to retire from the professional scene, finds inspiration in his love interest Lizzie Bradbury (Kristen Dunset), an American tennis player, and vows to win the tournament one last time. The romantic-sports flick perfectly balances romanticism and athleticism as it ignites an interesting question. Will love be the key to the door to victory? Or will it be the reason you fail? Wimbledon is surely going to excite you at the very least.


Invictus (2009)

A class movie highlighting racial barriers and the dishonorable socio-economic existence, Invictus sets an example for upcoming films of this genre. Directed by Clint Eastwood, Invictus portrays the role of Nelson Mandela, played by Morgan Freeman, who faces an outrageous, racially and socio-economically divided South Africa. Mandela then join forces with Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon) and uses sports to tackle this growing concern. The actions and the consequences make this sports flick concentrated yet exciting to watch.

Space Jam (1996)

A mixture of comedy and sports in which Bugs Bunny and his gang of Looney Tunes battle it out with robust aliens in a basketball match, Director Joe Pytka sets a thrilling tone for Space Jam. The story of the movie revolves around a retired Michael Jordan, A basketball court, and Looney Tunes trying to save the world from resilient aliens. Combined with Hilarious follow-ups and a tension-packed game of Basketball, Space Jam makes for a brilliant watch.

Ali (2001)

A movie with wit, grace, athletic genius, and defiant wrath, Directed by Michael Mann, Ali takes you on an adventure of a lifetime as it indulges you to view the story of the legend, Muhammad Ali, in first-person. Ali ignites the fighting world as he takes on the law, the fists, and all the challengers flung at him. An exciting roller-coaster with all the struggles and trophies, Ali is surely going to inspire you.

Mr. 3000 (2004)

Directed by Charles Stone III, Mr. 3000 features the story of a Milwaukee Brewers player Stan Ross (Bernie Mac) who retired after hitting his 3000th base hit to enter the hall of fame. But, there’s a catch. A clerical error that is discovered 9 years later invalidates 3 of his hits and keeps him from getting the ultimate baseball honor. As soon as he comes into the knowledge of this blunder, he stages a comeback at the age of 47 raising a serious question. Will he be able to make his name into the hall of fame? The sports-comedy flick is surely going to entertain you.

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