Argentina will buy 12 JF-17 blocks III fighters from Pakistan

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17th Sep, 2021. 11:51 pm
jf 17 thunder block lll

Argentina has officially allocated $664 million in its next year’s budget for the acquisitions of 12 JF-17 Block-III fighter jets from Pakistan.

The 12 fighter jets will include 10 single-seater Block IIIs and 2 dual-seater Block IIIs, stated the details.

Previously in last December, it was first stated that Argentina was considering acquiring JF-17 Thunder aircraft from Pakistan to associate its defensive competencies.

Whereas, Argentine Air Force (AAF) had made a contract with the South Korean aerospace company, KAI, for the procurement of 12 FA-50 fighter jets.

Conversely, South Korea canceled the deal after it capitulated to the diplomatic compression of the United Kingdom (UK), which is Argentina’s geopolitical opponent.

Ties between the UK and Argentina have been stressed since the 1980s after the latter attacked British Overseas Territories (BOTS), namely the Falkland Islands and its territorial dependency, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands, in 1982.

The move ensued in the 10-week long assumed Falklands War that ended with a British victory.

Defense specialists are of the view that the procurement of JF-17 Block-III fighter jets by the AAF could have enormous political and military complications for the UK next to the Falkland Islands and the South Sandwich Islands.

Whereas, The JF-17 Block III is a supersonic, multi-role 4+ generation fighter aircraft. It is capable of performing combat air patrol, air interdiction, beyond visual range, integrated battle, long-range maritime strikes, standoff range precision ground strikes, anti-radiation SEAD/DEAD missions, and electronic warfare.

Its primary weapon is the PL-15 active radar-guided long-range air-to-air missile with an operational range of more than 180 km. Its subordinate weapon is the PL-10 IR missile which is a short-range air-to-air missile with an operative range of 20 km.

The JF-17 has a top speed of Mach 2.0, a service ceiling of over 55,000 feet, and a newer and much more powerful engine than its precursors.

It also topographies superior sensor fusion and avionics (especially electronic warfare systems), a large HUD and Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) targeting systems, and 8 hardpoints for the assortment of missiles.


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